Hi, I'm Alex

I am a product manager and startup advisor. I help e-commerce and Web3 companies scale.

You can also reach me via WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram or email:

Startup advisory

I help high potential companies grow and scale.Interested?

Special projects

Strategic short term initiatives:
I will lead product or technical program management for a 1 to 6 months. Billing based on Deliverables or Time & Materials. Past projects include MVP definition + launch, b2b sales strategy, and post launch roadmap review.

On-going advisory

Standard performance level (5 hours per month):
I will attend quarterly strategy meetings and scheduled Advisory Board meetings. I will also actively promote and make introductions on behalf of the Company through my network.

Strategic Performance Level (10 hours per month):
Standard Performance plus I will assist the Company in finding additional, potential founding team members and employees through my network.

Expert Performance Level (20 hours per month):
Strategic Performance plus I will drive the acquisition of marquee customers, strategic partners and key industry contacts. I will also assist the Company on strategic projects.

My Resume

I have 12 years of experience in high growth technology companies.
From start-up to scale-up to multi-national enterprise.

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Product Management

- Built Ledger's first software-only product (Web3 Check and Connect browser extension) to compete with MetaMask and other browser wallets
- Launched profitability management systems that captured €20m incremental profit with Machine Learning algorithms
- Managed the feature backlogs of global software systems and the 50+ FTE engineering teams that supported them
- Automated annual contract negotiations, customer support, marketing campaigns and new SKU creation on the Amazon marketplace

Hire & Develop

- Recruited a 5 person team of technical product managers and data engineers to scale a €4.5bn pan-EU business
- Interviewed over 400 candidates across 19 businesses as an Amazon ‘Bar Raiser’
- Promoted 10+ top tier employees across 13 review cycles
- Sourced and closed blockchain engineers, full stack engineers and a crypto-native CTO -- while fully remote
- Scaled a sales team from 5 to 30 FTE in 8 months while delivering 300% YoY growth

Impact at Scale

- Led a 13 person product team to launch fully automated COVID-19 testing across Europe for 240,000 frontline workers
- Automated 12 complex ecommerce workflows for 60,000 Amazon merchants across EU
- Drove $175m Free Cash Flow improvements with dependencies on teams in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and India


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