Alex scott

I help you expand your business into the Middle East.12+ years leading teams: tradfi, fintech, e-commerce and web3.Launched new businesses at Amazon and Ledger. Tech consulting and M&A. Raised money from global VCs.


For Startups:- Develop and refine product roadmaps
- Optimize user acquisition and retention
- Implement data-driven decision making
- Establish scalable processes and systems
- Coach and mentor leadership teams

For VCs:- Identify high-potential startups
- Analyze market trends and opportunities
- Perform due diligence on investments
- Advise portcos on growth strategies
- Facilitate connections and partnerships
- Support fundraising and exit planning

For Corporates:- Drive digital transformation initiatives
- Assess potential acquisitions
- Oversee innovation projects and pilots
- Integrate new technologies and platforms
- Facilitate cross-functional collaboration
- Develop market expansion strategies


Led Solana ecosystem development in the the Middle East and Africa; helped founders raise funds, led government relationship building and hosted large scale hackathonsAutomated 35k+ annual contract negotiations, customer support, marketing campaigns and new SKU creation on the Amazon marketplaceBuilt a web3 scam detection API that scanned 10M transactions for 1.4M Monthly Active Users (MAUs)Built a scalable COVID-19 testing solution and protected 240k frontline workersCoached more than 450 Saudi Arabian founders with the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.

Based in Dubai, operating globally